Bach Cantatas - Dedicated to Issie Mogg

On 31st January at 8pm, there will be a concert of solo Bach cantatas performed by an orchestra and soloists in the Chapel. 

Following the death of Issie Mogg last week, this concert will be dedicated to her memory with the support of her parents and the Warden. Money raised from ticket sales and any additional donations will be donated to a charitable cause relevant to Issie. 

Bach's solo soprano cantata ‘Ich bin vergnügt mit meinem Glücke’ will be paired with arguably his most famous solo cantata, ‘Ich habe genug’. The concert will also include Marcello's 'Oboe Concerto' and Nicola Porpora's 'Salve Regina' in F. Together these works contain music of the utmost profundity, joy and beauty. It would be wonderful to have a strong collegiate attendance in support of the cause and the musicians involved.

Tickets are £3 for students and £5 for adults

Lewis Hammond (conductor)

Filippo Turkheimer (bass soloist)