Ashleigh Griffin

Tutor in Biological Sciences; Professor of Evolutionary Biology
BSc PhD Edin


Dr Griffin currently holds a Royal Society University Research Fellowship at the Department of Zoology.


In addition to tutorials, Dr Griffin lectures in evolutionary biology.

Research Interests

Dr Griffin researches the evolution of social behaviour. She tests predictions about how cooperative behaviour should vary across species, particularly birds, and also applies theory to understand the social behaviour of microbes and how this can be applied to clinical problems.

Selected publications

  • Andersen, S, RL Marvig, S Molin, H Krogh Johansen, AS Griffin (2015) Long-term social dynamics drive loss of function in pathogenic bacteria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112, 10756.
  • Griffin, AS, SA Alonzo, CK Cornwallis (2013) Why do cuckolded males provide paternal care? PloS Biology.
  • Cornwallis, CK, SA West, K Davis, AS Griffin (2010) Promiscuity and the evolutionary transition to complex societies. Nature 466, 969-972.
  • Griffin, AS, SA West, A Buckling (2004) Cooperation and competition in pathogenic bacteria. Nature 430, 1024-1027.
  • Griffin, AS, SA West (2003) Kin discrimination and the benefit of helping in cooperatively breeding vertebrates. Science 302, 634-636.
  • Griffin, AS, JM Pemberton, PNM Brotherton, G McIlrath, D Gaynor, R. Kansky, J O’Riain, TH Clutton-Brock (2003) A genetic analysis of cooperative breeding in meerkats (Suricata suricatta). Behavioural Ecology 14, 472-480.