‘An honest, plain, unaffected, well-meaning man’

Dancing masters in the northeast of England had to work hard to earn their living.  If they were fortunate enough to establish their school in one of the major towns such as York or Newcastle, they might be able to settle down and lead a quiet, comfortable life, becoming a well-respected member of the community. Many of them, however, were obliged to set up schools in two or three smaller towns,  which would involve not only travelling backward and forward to their schools, but organising balls for their students in each town, with travel by stage coach or on horseback, which could take two or three hours and probably a good deal of discomfort. In spite of this there were many men who established themselves successfully in the north east of England, and this paper will look at the life of a few of these.

Madeleine Inglehearn
Symposium Title: 
Living, dancing, travelling, dying... 2013
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London, and Queen’s, Belfast